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Order labels

We work with a bundle system, i.e. you purchase a bundle with labels from us. Every label is worth one analysis. The whole bundle will be invoiced at once after purchase. This keeps our administration costs low, so that we can give a discount when purchasing larger numbers. The bundles can be purchased in any size. The final number of samples determines in which price scale the bundle will be. Prices are per sample; so per young leaf sample, per old leaf sample or per water sample and is exclusive of VAT and any consultancy costs. When purchasing a bundle, the labels with unique barcodes will be sent, one label equals one analysis. Sample materials can also be purchased with the order (bags/bottles), for € 0.50 per sample. We use a shipping rate outside the Netherlands for sending these sample materials. The labels are valid for 1 year after the date of purchase.

Pre-printed labels on which the location, cultivation, crop and plant part are printed are the most practical, this also applies to the water samples. This brings the following benefits:

- The labels do not have to be filled in on the spot during sampling.
- When the information on the labels is handwritten, it can be difficult for our employees to read what is written, which can lead to writing errors and incorrect reports.
- With pre-printed labels the same location and cultivation always have the same name, which makes the analyses reports and graphs in Bemesting-Online more clear.
- Better advice can be given on the samples with pre-printed labels
- Ordering pre-printed labels can contribute to a structured sampling schedule for your crop/cultivation.

You can order by filling in the Excel format and sending it to If you have any questions or need assistance with the application form, do not hesitate to contact us first using the contact form or call.