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NovaCropControl is a research and test centre specializing in plant sap analysis.

A plant sap analysis provides insight in the actual uptake of nutrients by the plant. This reveals important information about the plant‘s health status. An optimal and balanced uptake of nutrients has a positive effect on the plant‘s natural disease resistance and, for example, on the quality, firmness and shelf life of fruits.

Plant sap analysis vs. dry matter analysis

When using a dry matter analysis, a deficiency in nutrient uptake will be revealed only 4 or 6 weeks after the actual nutrient deficiency was caused. This is why fertilization adjustments often will come too late. By analysing plant sap, a nutrient deficiency will be revealed within a few days. This is why plant sap analysis is a powerful tool to manage and adjust fertilization strategies quickly and precisely.


NovaCropControl is aiming to provide insight in the plant‘s nutrient uptake, with a fast and accurate service based on low cost. To reach that goal, NovaCropControl uses plant sap analyses and, if necessary in combination with (ISO-17025) accredited drip, drain or substrate water analyses.

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A plant sap analysis by NovaCropControl:

• Provides a consolidated summary of the total amount of nutrients taken up by a plant
• Reveals varietal differences in nutrient uptake
• Is a tool to adjust fertilization strategies accurately and quickly
• Makes it possible to optimise nutritional status to improve natural disease resistance
• Reveals a nutrient deficiency in an early stage
• Gives the opportunity to fine-tune fertilization for an optimal production
• Can help to save on fertilizer costs
• Overview of results via www.bemesting-online.nl
• ISO-17025 accredited water analyses

“Proper sampling is essential”


When you would like to have samples analysed by NovaCropControl, you can purchase plant sap bundles. You can choose between bundles of 10, 25,100 or 250 samples, we do this to minimize our service charges. The bigger your bundle, the lower the costs. The sample credit within your bundle is valid for one year.

Click here for an overview of available sample bundles.


NovaCropControl will provide you with sample labels which you can use to label your samples. Fill in your labels correctly and consistent, you will have benefit while assessing your results and the historical summary that you will receive. When sending us samples for analysis, you will receive the results on the first weekday after arrival of your samples at our laboratory.

Bemesting Online

You can easily create a historical summary and have insight in the course of your analyses in time with the Bemesting Online software. When purchasing a plant sap bundle of 25 samples or more, you can use the Bemesting Online database freely. It provides information about your different cultivations and, if desired, gives the possibility to compare several cultivations of different growers.

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Mailing address

Please send samples to:

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