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    Finetuning of fertilization for optimal production
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    Precise sampling is essential
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    Monitor nutritional status of your crop

Research and test centre specializing in plant sap analysis

A plant sap analysis provides insight in the actual uptake of nutrients by the plant. This reveals important information about the plant‘s health status. An optimal and balanced uptake of nutrients has a positive effect on the plant‘s natural disease resistance and on the quality, firmness and shelf life of fruits.

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“Finetuning of fertilization for optimal production”

The last news

April 3rd we went out with 2700 bouqeuts of Dutch tulips from Koomen Bloembollen Ens to thank all health care workers of the ETZ hospital in
This fall we did an experiment with maize to gain more knowledge about this crop. The deficienties were clearly visible! Contact us if you have interest in sampling maize!
We had already expected this, but now we have been able to confirm it through a test that we carried out on a tomato plant. Phosphorus and manganese inhibit iron uptake! 

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bladNovaCropControl offers seminars that are all about plant nutrition, fertilization strategies, plant health improvement and the methods of how plant sap analysis can help growers and consultants to start improving their cultivations. Please contact us if you want to know more about the possibilities for a seminar.

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Fast results

When you send us samples, you will receive the results per e-mail on the first weekday after arrival of your samples at our laboratory. When we have target values for your crop, we present your results in bars. These bars are crop specific and indicate if nutritional values are high or low compared to our target values for your crop. The shortest bars indicate a risk of a deficiency and are limiting plant growth at that moment. This deficiency can be caused by an element that is present in too high concentrations.

Would you like to know more about your results? Of course your personal NovaCropControl consultant can help you with interpreting the data.

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